Iran Sends Warship to the Gulf of Mexico

Apparently North Korea isn’t the only one to show its cajones. Now Tehran wants to jump into the act as well. According to an article in Newsweek Magazine, the Iranian government will be sending a warship to the Gulf of Mexico. Iran has been under pressure from Trump’s allies (including Saudi Arabia and Israel) over their efforts at isolating the Shite Muslim country. In response, Iran is striking back by sending a warship to the Gulf of Mexico. This is a war of influence not a war of rockets. In August, Iran sent a delegation in August to six countries: Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Venezuela. This is in addition to strengthening Mexican relations.

Mexican relations
Mexican relations

The delegation stopped off in Mexico as well as the six other countries in 2016. Mexico is Iran’s biggest trading partner in Latin America and the only one to have formal relations on the North American continent. Back in late May, Mexican Ambassador to Iran Alfonso Zegbe underlined the need for broadening of mutual cooperation between Mexico City and Tehran. Both of them are looking to expand their trade and deepen the relationship between the two countries.  Mexico exports food and canned products to China, Malaysia, Japan, Philippines and the US as well as halal food products to Muslim countries. Zegbe pointed out that Mexico could do this under Iran’s halal license.  Part of the reason towards closer relations with Tehran is due to Trump’s domestic policy on building the Mexican wall (something that Enrique Peña Nieto felt was detrimental to Mexican relations with the United States.

President Trump’s actions toward Iran have reflected poor judgment towards the Islamic Republic in part due to Saudi Arabia’s significant influence in its war on terror.  Sectarian hostility against the Shia sect lies at the heart of the current feud between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, we have been dragged into it (albeit indirectly). Trump has decertified and threatened to scrap a 2015 Iran nuclear deal negotiated by his predecessor, former President Barack Obama. Despite significant criticism from U.S. allies and international bodies that have found Iran to be in compliance with the deal, Trump has left it up to Congress to decide whether to kill the treaty or renegotiate, something Iran said it was not willing to do. The Iranian warship coming to pay a visit to the Gulf of Mexico is unfortunately one of the consequences of his foolish behavior in office.