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Hi. I’m Kenneth Engelhardt. After living for a number of years in North Kingstown, Rhode Island I currently reside in Warwick. As you may have guessed, I also have an interest in computer technology and website design. I purchased my first computer in 1998 back when I was living in the Atlanta, Georgia area in Rockdale County. It was during this time that I first became interested in knowing a little more about website design and computer technology. When I came back to Rhode Island in 2004, my interest in computers stayed with me. It was here that I taught myself a little bit of Dreamweaver and Photoshop as well as Kompozer. After Dreamweaver went to the cloud, it was gradually phased out as I became more familiar with WordPress. I gradually became interested in artwork & drawing as well as writing of various styles (i.e. fantasy & manga, blogging, historical, and so forth). I am always making changes and updates to my website so be sure to visit back often and enjoy your day.

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